First blog post ever!!:)

Ahhh I’m so freaking excited!! What’s up people of the internet? My name is Ashlyn (feel free to call me Ash though, because most people do) and wow. This is just exciting. I was just sitting around thinking about my life and what I’m really doing with it and then I was like… I SHOULD START A BLOG! Because I absolutely loveeee writing and I loveeee people and interaction. So, here I am! I really just want to be a light to those who are struggling and to show people that to LIVE is worth it. That’s what I’m learning, anyway, and so I need to share that with other people.

So, let me further introduce myself.

I live in the so called “Sunshine State” of Florida and just turned 17 this past November. I’m recovering from several mental illnesses but THAT IS NOT WHO I AM. I am Ash and Ash loves Christmas time, meeting new people, doing new things, living and loving for Christ, cooking, having random dance parties, taking pictures, FASHIONNN, decorating, lifting, the beach, traveling, etc. etc. ETC. I seriously love so much, it’s quite ridiculous. The real me, that Ashlyn, has been held captive by mental illnesses whose voices for most of my life were louder than any other. BUT I’m coming to learn that the voice of TRUTH and the only voice that is worth listening to is the voice of God.

So that’s me I suppose, in a couple of little paragraphs. EEEEK my first blog post!!

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