Who Are You?

I’m sure you all know this — that we’ve lost some pretty big legends and inspirations in 2016. People are dying all around us. Just the other week, a girl one year older than me who lived in my city got killed a car accident. I’m 17.

Death does not apply only to elderly people. Death lingers over every single one of us — from the minute we are born. Our lives are ticking time bombs and we just don’t know when that last tick will sound. It could be any minute, any second from now. As unsettling as that is, we can’t just push that truth aside and ignore it. We have to embrace it and use it as a reason to live. And I mean LIVE.

2017 is only a few days away. But start now, because you might not make it. Explore who you are. I know that life is so hard and sometimes it seems like dying is the only way to ease the pain… but that is NOT true. We all suffer from something. My mental disorders and my eating disorder used to be life. THAT is who I was. Because that’s what I let myself become. Our disorders and the struggles we face are so freaking strong, they really are. And we don’t choose to have disorders or to face certain things in life. But what we do have the power to choose is who we are and how we live. We have that power. We have that choice.

So be who you want to be. Not what your disorders or other people tell you who you should be. Be you. And if you don’t know you, then explore. Discover. Wake up earlier, watch the sunrise. Take pictures, go one hikes, spend time with YOURSELF. Do new things. Write, read, sing, dance, meet new people, go to different little coffee shops, listen to new music. But most importantly, through all of this, learn to LOVE you. It IS possible.

Also important is to spend time with those around you. Because their lives are ticking away as well. And you just never know. So love them. Explore with them. Live with them. Meet new people, love everyone. Practice kindness and help other people discover themselves.

So this new year, this new day, start living. Don’t go through the motions. Because who truly knows when your time is done? Only God Himself knows that.

Live wholeheartedly, love unconditionally, and explore. Be who YOU are and who you want to be. Make life worth it.

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