Pumpkin waffles!?!

Ahhh yes. You read that correctly. Pumpkin. Waffles. !!!!!!! Copped these babies a couple of months ago and thought I would do a review!

They’re from Trader Joe’s (aka my fav) and I’m still on my second box from two months ago… I’m savouring them. There’s 8 in each box and they’re limited to the autumn season so they are no more 😥 but maybe I can order them online… ANYWAY, needless to say, they are amazing. Especially paired with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter (which is still in stores and is soooooo good!!). As you can imagine, they taste like pumpkin… and it’s so.flipping.GOOD. I even top them with a couple of Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces (bc BALANCE) which is basically the best idea ever because wow. 

So, I give these fancy little waffles an 11/10. 

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