WOOOOOOOOW ok. Wow. 2017. That was fast. 

So, first and foremost, happy new year my friends 🙂

I have one thing to say — this year is going to be FREAKING AWESOME. 

I’ve been talking to God out loud a lot lately when I’m driving and I talked to Him about how this year I’m actually going to know Him. I’m not going to just know of Him and pretend like that’s enough. Last year I let anorexia and everything else that life threw at me come before Him. I focused on the things that were happening to me rather than the God who loves me unconditionally. So this year I’m shifting my focus — primarily on Jesus. 

Other things I will be devoting my time and energy to:


•meeting new people

•sharing Christ with others 

•living BALANCED 

•doing more LIFE things (aka staying away from technology and reading more, writing more, exploring more, etc.)

•lifting more and more 

•fall in love with Jesus

•love me

There’s honestly so much. These aren’t New Years resolutions per say… I think that those are kinda dumb. These are life resolutions. These are things I not only want for 2017 but for the rest of my life. And I want to grow. I am going to grow. 

I think that above all else, falling in love with Jesus and knowing Him and growing in Him will always matter the most. 

But what also matters is that you’re living this year. Live fully because life is too short not to. Don’t wait to start growing tomorrow. 

Happy new year, y’all đź’ś

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