Yasso Review!!

Hey y’all! So I’ve been wanting to try these lovely gems for quite some time now. To my surprise, my mom brought them home last night and even though I have the chills (yes, I’m still muy sick), I couldn’t wait to try 😂 so, furthermore I present to you…. (drumrollllllll)…. THE MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP YASSO BAR!!!

I know, I know… you’re probably all like… “UM frozen GREEK YOGURT? Nope.” but LETMETELLYOU: it takes like ice cream. Like really good ice cream. For those of you that care about caloric intake, these babies are also only 100 calories. This doesn’t mean that I’m gonna live off of Yasso bars, y’all. I’m gonna try new things, have a balanced life. Eat all kinds of things and enjoy it.

Anyway, the texture is really great and it’s the perfect treat imo. Other flavors that they have (and that I SOON will get my hands on) are blueberry, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, sea salt caramel, chocolate fudge, cinnamon bun, coconut, coffee chocolate chip, cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, strawberry, ANNND vanilla bean of course. WOWZA, talk about variety. They also have two flavors of what they call “candy bars” in sea salt caramel and toffee crunch. 

So, expect more reviews to come. But for now, I give these mint chocolatey chip babies a big thumbs up ✔️

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